Chainmail Materials

Cleaning your Chainmail

Do not use harsh cleaners or scrubbers to clean your chainmail. This can scratch or remove the colour from the metal. Clean with a mild liquid soap in warm water. The best advice is to treat it as you would any piece of good jewellery.


Here is a list of the available materials to give you an idea of their properties and what is available for custom projects! Most metal is available in 12 to 24 guage.

These materials are most commonly used in our jewellery and are in stock most of the time. We mostly use 18 guage:

Anodized Aluminium

Add some colour to your chainmail! The coating is fairly hard but can be scratched with steel. The rings are anodized after they are cut so the ends are anodized as well. We use a hard temper aluminum which is stronger than annealed steel or coloured copper.
Note that aluminum is 3.4 times lighter than copper.
Anodized aluminum is available in these colours:

Colour Sheet


Leaf Shaped - Small scales are 9/16" x 7/8". Large scales are 7/8" x 1.41". Thickness varies from 0.025'' to 0.03'' based on color. It doesn’t affect the appearance and you can mix a fatter with a thinner scale.
1/2 hard temper
The Black anodized aluminium scales are anodized on one side, but all other colours are both sides. This does not affect the appearance once the scales are assembled. The sides of the scales are not anodized.
Anodized scales are available in these colours:


Large anodized aluminium scales colours available:
Large Scale

Bright Aluminium

Bright aluminum is clean, shiny and light. There is no black rub off from this material.
We use hard tempered aluminum and a good alloy to give you good strength.

EPDM Rubber

Give your maille a bit of stretch and colour with these solid rings. Great for jewellery without a clasp. These rings are surprisingly light at only 1.17 times the weight of water (almost 1/6 the weight of steel or 1/2 the weight of aluminum).
EPDM is UV resistant and has excellent mechanical properties for use in chainmail.
The colours are consistant and have been special ordered to come as close as possible to matching our anodized aluminum colours.
EPDM Rubber rings are available these colours:

EPDM Rubber

Custom Order Materials:

The following materials are usually in stock and are available upon request. If you would like something made out of these materials please Contact Us about doing a custom order:

Custom Materials


Jewelers Brass is a gold coloured metal that is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. It is not as yellow as yellow brass - the hue is closer to untarnished bronze. Strength and corrosion properties are similar to yellow brass – jeweler’s brass is about 8% stronger and costs a bit more. Brass can be cleaned with any commercially available brass cleaner; like Brasso. Most brass wire you will find is soft, but our brass is 1/2 hard temper which combines strength with workability. Our alloy of choice is C226 which has excellent workability.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doesn't rust, is strong and clean. Stainless steel is the best balance of material properties and price... ie you get the most bang for your buck ! We use alloy 304 for 12 through 22 ga and alloy 316 (surgical grade) for 9 and 24ga.
Most of our stainless is drawn to a 125 KSI tensile strength. Our 18G stainless is 160 KSI. Stainless steel is also available in Square Wire Stainless Steel. These rings are made with the wire flat like a lock washer.

Blackened Stainless Steel

Blackened stainless steel rings have been chemically processed to turn the surface layer to magnetite. The magnetite is a very dark gray color that is turned into a black by an oil. The rings will turn from black to dark gray after the oil wears off. Since the rings have an oil coating they are not 100% clean and this makes the anodized aluminum better for jewelry.